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Acadeum Course Share is the leading online college course exchange. Unlock learning from accredited colleges and universities for credit that’s guaranteed to transfer back to your home institution. Accelerate your student progress at over schools nationwide.

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The Acadeum Course Share network is made up of universities across higher education that offer undergraduate and graduate online courses to students at other institutions.

Whether you need to replace a grade, are in need of a more flexible schedule, or want to get ahead or stay on track toward your degree progress, Acadeum Course Share enables you to find the course equivalent you need.

Why Sign Up?Why Sign Up?Why Sign Up?

About Acadeum Course Share

Acadeum Course Share provides online college courses for credit from accredited institutions. Schools who participate in online teaching of course equivalencies with Acadeum are already approved for transfer of course credit back to the student’s home institution. And in most cases, students can apply financial aid (FAFSA).